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Learn Flexbox. Experience Bootstrap 4 (alpha).

Interactive Flexbox Tutorial

All without coding!
Download The Flexbox Guide
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Download The Flexbox Guide
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This guide was created in Bootstrap 4 Playground, a free app for exploring the new Bootstrap 4 framework. It also adds interactivity.

Flexible layouts
With the flick of a button.

Flexbox provides the most versatile and intuitive toolset for creating responsive layouts. With the flick of a button elements can be stacked or placed next to each other, they can be vertically aligned, made to automatically change position and can be reordered at breakpoints.

In short, flexbox is amazing.

The interactive flexbox guide — built in Bootstrap 4 with Bootstrap Builder — gives an an overview of all the flexbox properties, their combinations and value settings while working on real-life design examples. These examples can be (re)configered in the guide using visual flexbox controls. That's right, no coding is needed. This helps to build a quick understanding and makes flexbox accesible to designers of all CSS levels.

Download Bootstrap 4 Playground
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Stack, -v-align, space out, center, reorder, grow, shrink and more...

About Bootstrap Builder

Bootstrap Builder adds a visual design layer on top of the popular Bootstrap 3 (and 4) frameworks. The app provides access to everything these frameworks have to offer through drag-n-drop and intuitive design controls. 

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Design visually within a real-time browser environment.

Bootstrap Builder is developed by CoffeeCup Software and currently in public beta. With symbols for global content updating, prebuilt components, a width slider and a bunch of other cool features this app helps to focus on the most important parts of any site: Content, Design and User Experience. Not code...

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Things people say about BB

Freakin Awesome! @CoffeeCup this is a great update to Responsive Bootstrap Builder Beta. Thanks. #RWD

Angel Velazquez
On Twitter

This is the greatest software I have found yet. For a great price too!!

In app feedback
Try it yourself!

Purchased Bootstrap Builder this morning. Within 2 hours of installation I can honestly state it's an absolute Godsend. :-) @CoffeeCup

Chris Cudlip
On Twitter

With the help of frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, we are so close to a truly clean code generating/unbloated WYSIWYG editor.

Ron Mark
In the Bootstrap  Builder forums
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